Workpackage 1. Presence of the right microorganisms

The overall purpose of this WP is to develop, implement and apply tools to investigate if – and to which extent and with which diversity – microorganisms are present in the filter, which are able to conduct the selected process – e.g. if nitrifiers are present in a filter which should remove ammonium (NH4+). We will investigate the density and diversity of the relevant microorganisms, and link this to groundwater quality, season, and the type, operation, and performance of the filters. This mapping will be done for two scenarios: NH4+-containing groundwaters and Fe2+/Mn2+-containing groundwaters across a suite (up to 10) of waterworks in Denmark at monthly frequency during 2 sequential seasons.

This will be the first ever assessment of Fe/Mn oxidizer abundance and diversity in biofilters. New lab-scale assays to measure biooxidiative capacities of filters will be developed. The molecular tools, which will be developed under WP1 will be applied during the lab-scale studies of WP2, and biofilters, identified with superior capacities under WP1, can serve as inoculation materials for de novo filter start up strategies under WP2.